West Coast Engagement Session – Meghan & Morgan

3 things that make a great Open Image engagement session:

1) Maritimers. What a perfect people to spend St Patty’s day with! Green beer post shoot was definitely a must.

2) Seal Bay Nature Park. A beautiful location for engagement photos in the Comox Valley.

3) Dogs. Good work Nelly!



Skiing the Austrian Alps – Zillertal Arena

3 things that make a great Open Image trip:

1) Work & Travel, a great combination. My cousin Jasper owns Dynamic Holland, a travel company  that brings Dutch people to his hotel in Austria for a ski week. He asked me if I would come out and take photos and of course I said yes. Once my dad got word of the trip he didn’t want to be left out so it turned into a Dijkstra Family ski reunion.

2) Ski, Eat, Apres, sleep repeat:)Not a bad way to spend a week!

3) Friends & Family. Catching up with old friends and making new ones!

Thank you Jasper! I had an amazing week:)Next ski trip Japan???

Evan - March 13, 2014 - 1:07 am

Amazing pictures!!!! They are beautiful! Looks like everyone was having a good time all the time!

Niels - March 13, 2014 - 7:28 am

Pictures give a really good idea what the hotel is about. Very good! And the family pictures are beautiful with the rascals cheeky smiles

Tonny - March 13, 2014 - 9:22 am

Wow Jenn, AMAZING pictures!

Winter Calgary Wedding – Sheena & Jesse

3 things that make a great Open Image wedding:

1) Winter wedding at the River Cafe in Calgary. I know I have said it before, but it is a such a lovely location for a wedding.

2) Canadian Olympic Spirit. Love the Canadian flair.

3) Love & Laughter. What more can you want at a wedding!


Congratulations Sheena & Jesse!

Kiteboarding, Baja Mexico

3 Things that make a great Open Image Vacation:

1) Baja, Mexico. I have been to mainland Mexico a number of times but had never been to the Baja.  We figured Baja was the Vancouver Island of Mexico where Cabo was Victoria, Los Barriles & La Ventana were the Comox Valley and El Pescadaro was Tofino. So many awesome things to do and not enough time!

2) Kiteboarding. We happened to come across the Lord of the Wind Showdown in Los Barriles and got to check out the pros doing their thing. We then headed up to Baja Joe’s in La Ventana to take some lessons with Elevation Kiteboarding so I could learn how to do my thing….ha ha. Steep learning curve, but I had a ton of fun and will be going again for sure.

3) Great People. I have been lucky to travel with my friend Laura quite a bit in the last year so it was a pleasure to get to meet her family and spend some time with them. Thank you Tom & Christine for including me!

Big thanks to Neil for the use of his hot tub and ATV:)

Props to Laura for being my photography student. I think she did quite well…lol.

Jeff, I need to borrow your trainer kite!

Winter Canmore Wedding – Jillian & Connor

3 things that make a great Open Image Wedding:

1) Murrieta’s. A wonderful location for a small intimate Canmore wedding.

2) B&W Wedding Photos. I posted a little more B&W than usual. It must have been Jillian and her vintage vibe.

3) Canmore at Christmas. Beautiful.

Jillian - January 21, 2014 - 8:07 pm

Thanks so much, Jenn, for capturing all the happiness of our special day. The only thing missing here is a glimpse of our adventurous photographer, who played such an important role in it. 3 things that make a great wedding photographer: 1) Extreme patience with running dogs, especially ones that try to photobomb your family session in the dog park. 2) Whipping off your winter jacket and lying down in the mud―-in a dress, no less―-to capture that last shot (we’ll never forget it!) 3) Having a wind-down drink with the happy couple before their guests arrive for dinner, and making them feel like you’ve known each other forever. Best. Day. Ever.

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